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Mission Destiny

Enabling Every Child

Mission Destiny aims at transforming the lives of vulnerable, underprivileged, needy children and young adults by helping them to become healthy, independent and productive members of their communities and the nation. We empower them with education, skills and faith as weapons to make them competent.

The founder Yonah Ariho knows firsthand how deprivation can affect children. His family became homeless when his Father passed away. Through prayer, Yonah and his family received sponsorship and were able to attend school. Today two of Yonas’ brothers are lawyers, one is a doctor and his sister is a teacher. With such background MD was birthed. Yonah wants to cause a difference in children’s lives. Someone rescued me from my hopeless situation, I want to give back and help others. I realised what impact this sort of support could have on so many children.” – Yonah Ariho.

We work in some of the poorest regions in Uganda. These are Bundibugyo, Rakai, Hoima and Mubende. Most families rely on subsistence farming. This makes it hard for single parents to improve their family lives let alone send their children to school. That is where we come in.


Unveiling potential in the generations to come.


Mission Destiny aims to give underprivileged and vulnerable children the chance to realise their full potential by providing education, training and enabling children to become young adults who can support themselves. This involves a long-time investment in a child’s future.


Courage, Love, Respect and Integrity.

We Care and Advocate for Children

We ensure Children live in safe environments. We make Children’s rights are not violated and raise the voice of the voiceless.

We work with the Underprivileged and The Needy.

We base ourselves on the fact that all persons are equal and deserve the same privileges no matter their background.

Mission Destiny

Supporting a child is more than payment of school fees. We believe that by investing a little more in each child, we can increasingly influence their returns in the future. So, we use the “A Whole Child Approach” where we don’t just focus on a child’s academics but monitor the child’s overall wellbeing. Each child is unique in their needs, strengths and aspirations. We make sure each beneficiary is monitored and supported in their individual needs as well as developing their natural talents.